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Plumbing tips for cold weather...

  1. Pipes in cabinets could be located against an outside wall. Even if these pipes have been insulated, you should consider leaving the cabinet doors open to allow the heat in the room to keep them from freezing.
  2. Don't forget outside faucets. Turn off valves to outside faucets and then drain any water in the faucets. If there are no valves to outside faucets, they may be protected by insulating them and then placing a plastic bag over them to protect the insulation.
  3. If your house has a crawl space located under it, close all air vents located in the foundation wall. This will prevent the pipes in the crawl space from being exposed to the cold air.

Plumbing Tips for saving money

  1. Too much pressure is not good for you OR for your plumbing system! High pressure showers not only cost more because of the extra water running down the drain, but too much force can actually wear on your fixtures! 60 80 psi is the recommended pressure. Anything higher may be costing you money.
  2. If you’ve got a running toilet, it could be leaking. Here’s a quick and easy way to test it yourself. Place a few drops of food coloring, powdered drink mix, or instant coffee in the TANK, not the bowl. Leave it undisturbed for 20 minutes. When you come back, check out the BOWL. It there’s any discoloration, you’ve got a confirmed leak.
  3. If your shower head leaks only when you turn it on, you may think it’s no big deal. However, it might be leaking behind the wall, causing structural damage. Don't ignore it - schedule an appointment! Major headaches often start with minor inconveniences.